Box of Clowns Will Scatter Ashes Across the Country This Summer

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“Mom?”: A Comedy of Mourners- A mysterious trunk sits on the peak of a mountain at the end of the universe. Out of the trunk come the clown siblings Victoria, Frank, and Mango. They have brought with them the ashes of their dear, departed mother, whose last wish was to be scattered across the void. The clowns trip, fall, and stumble through the stages of grief.

Box of Clowns, a new physical theatre company from Portland, Oregon, is packing up the box, strapping it to the top of their tiny clown car, and heading across country. Their newest show, “Mom?”: A Comedy of Mourners, will make you laugh, cry, and call your mother.
“Mom?” is the product of 2 years of ensemble collaboration that began at Dell’Arte International School in Blue Lake, California. Clowns Jeff Desautels, Laura Loy, and Anna Sell were swept off their feet by the magic and possibility found in the red nose. Their final project was the first incarnation of what they now present to audiences across North America. Described as “infectiously joyful”, their show has already wowed audiences in Canada, Washington, and Oregon.
Their show is jam-packed with acrobatics, slapstick, and mischievous antics- all for dear, old Mom. While clinging desperately to their memories, the three siblings cling to each other, literally, as they teeter on the edge their tiny stage, surrounded by the vacuum of space. Nothing is ever simple for the clowns, least of all scattering remains. While trying to fulfill Mother’s last wishes, the clowns blast tradition, making a giant, ashy mess.
The red-nosed clowns in “Mom?” stem from each actor’s personality and bear little resemblance to performers commonly spotted at children’s parties. “We don’t twist balloons, but we’re very good at popping them…” says Loy. The company’s character clowns are a conglomeration of the European tradition of clown, the American existential clown, and the ancient roots of the trickster. With these characters, the members of Box have happened upon a new kind of fearless theatre: personal, without an agenda, and insanely fun.


Box of Clowns is a new ensemble from Portland, Oregon. Eschewing balloon animals and horror films, these clowns come from the tradition of popular theatre. The ensemble met while training at the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, where their production, “Mom?”, was born. Armed with their Dell’Arte training, group research, and a collective desire to find delight and humor in unexpected places, Box of Clowns creates visceral, emotional, and provocative experiences for their audiences.

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