Kaza Maza: Syrian Warmth

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The baba ghanouj is phenomenal, the lamb kafta with pistachios is a delight, andthe sour cherry kebabs are superb. One dish you’ll have to try is the tender lambshank, bathed in a delicious yogurt sauce with fresh herbs, not to mention theexcellent kibbé nayyé, a Syrian-style beef tartar. Such rich flavours lend themselvesto sharing plates with your dining companions, which allows everyone to get a bettertaste of the menu. A meal with so much flavour is best accompanied by a glass of arak,a licorice-based liqueur, and you finish off with a cardamom-spiced “Turkish” coffee.
The weekend offers a whole other experience: the Syrian brunch. The menu is adelectable combination of salty and sweet dishes: the perfect excuse to escape themonotony of the standard eggs benny. Kaza Maza’s brunch creations include the fattethoumous, a layered dish with whole chick-peas, tahini yogurt sauce, clarified butterand pistachios, or the houmous kawarma, a humus plate with marinated lamb andpine nuts. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love the selection of Damascus jams (madewith rose water, figs, and apricots), served with fresh akkawi cheese and walnuts.
Every Tuesday night at Kaza Maza is devoted to live Middle Eastern music. Forthe warmth, the flavours, and the outstanding food, you’ll be adding Kaza Maza toyour list of local favorites after just one visit.
4629, avenue du Parc, Montréal