Lesbian marriage proposal marks intermission in Senators/Leafs NHL game

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With an NHL online video commemorating the unprecedented event, the on-ice lesbian marriage proposal is being praised left and right, perhaps a much-needed injection of nationalism and homo pride in these dark political times. Although no one is surprised that there die-hard are lesbian hockey fans out there, the Ottawa Senators’ inclusion of a same-sex marriage proposal in as part of their intermission entertainment was definitely something new.

When Alicia was led out onto the ice at intermission wearing her Maple Leafs jersey and a blind fold. “My love for you is a journey, starting forever and ending never. You’re my world. Zing XOX” was the text that displayed on the Jumbotron. As the blindfold was removed and “Just the Way you Are” by Bruno Mars played on the sound system, Christina got down on one knee and the crowd started to cheer. After the couple kissed and hugged and the Senators’ mascot held up his hand-drawn “SHE SAID YES” sign, the crowd’s cheering reached a giant roar as the presumably heteronormative crowd showed its socially liberal colours.

Looks like there is yet another benefit to legalizing same-sex marriage: even more sports game proposals. Everybody wins,” wrote Jezebel’s Cassie Murdoch unironically.

And really, how wonderful and appropriate that this happened at a hockey game? Our sport has had to suffer through decades of being labeled a vulgar pastime for bloodthirsty troglodytes, and yet hockey’s leading the way on progressive thinking when it comes to lifestyle acceptance,” wrote Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo News.

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