Michel Brisson_ Taste

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Designed by architecture firm Saucier Perrotte, the boutique, like the clothing in it, is a showcase of contemporary yet classic, simple yet sophisticated craftsmanship — it’s about the quality and tailoring of materials, rather than glitzy, attention-grabbing gimmicks.
Because of his impeccable eye, Michel Brisson brings garments into his store of a quality that even a fashion novice can differentiate from the humdrum apparel that fills so many storefronts. And while wearing something from MICHEL BRISSON_ does not offer the gaudy colors and logos that get noticed from across a room, people will notice the beauty of the clothing from close up.
Of course you,  premium quality comes at a premium, but what differentiates MICHEL BRISSON_ from other high-end men’s retailers in Montreal is taste: it’s knowing that in going to his boutiques, you aren’t just getting expensive brand name fashion, you are getting the best of it — wearable, classic pieces that were handpicked with a discerning eye.
1074 Laurier Ouest, Outremont 514.270.1012
384 rue Saaint-Paul Ouest, Old Montreal 514.285.1012