Start uncovering hidden things using Walabot (New Promo Code Inside)

Monitoring pipes, wires and other items passing through your walls on a regular basis is important. With a device that can enable you to check on the conditions of these items without damaging the walls, you can be able to notice any leak or malfunction as early as possible. Walabot is a device that enables you to easily monitor items lying inside or behind objects such as walls. With it, you can check the items without damaging your structures.

Walabot is a sensor that uses 3D imaging to uncover items lying inside and behind objects. It comes as a device that can be utilized through the use of a user-friendly android application. With the application, you can see everything in form of images. The application is available in two versions. The two versions are as follows.

Available Walabot versions:

1. Walabot DIY

This is a simple but highly efficient Walabot version that is meant for anyone who wants to look inside walls in a basic way. It is for any DIY enthusiast who would like to find the items lying inside their concrete or dry walls. The device enables you to see plastic and metal pipes, wires, studs, rodents and many other things inside the wall. It can display items lying as deep as 4 inches (10 cm) inside an object. Its application enables you to adjust the sensor sensitivity, change sensing modes and take snapshots.

2. Walabot for Makers

This is a Walabot version that is meant for makers, developers, engineers and tinkerers. The version enables you to come up with applications that will help you access and utilize the Walabot device the way you want. Some of the applications that can be developed include breath monitoring, in-wall wire and pipe detection, fall detection and object tracking applications. With its SDK installed and connected to the device via USB, your application can start receiving images through the Walabot’s API.

Why Walabot is the best

1. It is available in various versions

Walabot is available in two different versions. The two versions are Walabot DIY and Walabot Makers. This makes the device good enough for anybody no matter how much skillful he/she is. Anyone can use it and attain reliable results. Being programmable also makes it good for all the people who would like to utilize its specific tools and features in a customized way.

2. It produces accurate records

With Walabot, you can be able to receive both processed and unprocessed images. You can also be able to change its intensity and come up with more accurate images. This means that you can be able to come up with various snapshots that will enable you to make comparisons. The comparisons can help you produce reliable results.

3. The device is portable

Walabot is a hand-held device that can easily be attached at the back of your smartphone as a cover. It is light in weight and can easily fit in your palm. Mounting it is easy and requires no technical skills. Installing and using its application is also easy.

4. There are various deals and offers available

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